sewing report : disaster

As mentioned below the sewing machine was put into action yesterday. I didn't opt to do nothing although perhaps I should have given there was absolutely no sewing mojo in the air!

The pic above is a before and after. Originally a larger woman's skirt I decided to refashion into a top from a pattern I'd found online sometime ago (sorry, can't remember the link). It's too short and way too wide for me I obviously miss calculated. Due to the slipperiness of the material too I had all sorts of troubles and on top of that I ran out of bobbin cotton about three times which was, well, messing with the flow!

Anywho it's all in good practice, right?! This was the first time I'd used this pattern and since it was a refashion not a huge waste of material. Actually looking at this now I think sewing the bottom up could turn this into a green shopping bag. Now, how is that for a double re-fashion!

I also refashioned a button up shirt into the top below. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo. This was the first time I'd used this pattern also, I don't mind the result however I would do a few things differently next time. Like the neck band Given this was a refashion and I chose to do the neck band from the button band on the original shirt it ended up a little short and has puckered at the back which is a shame because I like the button neck band, its fun.

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A huge thank you to all of you who have left words of support and encouragement for me on the post below. It really means a lot. Thank you x
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Noelia said...

It just take a while when the machine is new, i think i broke mine the first week i had it :S And thats reallly a bad thing! ahaha

Brit said...

Congrats on your shop!! It's looking good! :)
I think you did a great sewing job! The first one does look a bit short... But hey it's fashion now!? Also such a beautiful fabric!

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm just impressed you even were brave enough to try 1) making a bit of clothing and 2) refashioning something.
And to me it looks like you did a fabulous job!!
Thanks for all your lovely comments Evie, means a lot!!
I'm so pleased you liked WTWTA, I too absolutely adored it!!! And feel in love with all the wild things.
I'm getting Foxy either tonight or tomorrow, which I'm really looking forward to too!xo

katiecrackernuts said...

Ah, it's all learning. You'll get your mojo back.

Anonymous said...

Keep on sewing! And yes, turn that skirt->shirt into a bag. :)

tracy9 said...

I think the collar is very cute and clever.
I am just starting out with my sewing machine and find this inspirational!