bags from the past

I love these two new bags I have been very lucky to have been given, both gifted from my Mum.

The little one in front Mum found for $1 at an op shop. Bargin! She actually found two, the other is a lovely light chocolaty brown which she has kept for herself.

The larger burgundy leather bag once belonged to my Nana. A cousin of hers made it! I think its my new favourite bag and is even more special knowing the history and where it came from.
Lucky me.


pixelhazard said...

Oh i love the one at the front. My colleague had one just like it and I was fawning over it. Found one in an op shop once but it was completely destroyed. Lucky woman!

Anonymous said...

They are both lovely!


oh, i can't pick which one is my fave...maybe the wicker one at the front?! they are both pretty darn special!

Deirdre said...

Hello handmade romance.

Congratulations! You were the luck winner of my blog giveaway :)

Please send me you info and I will post it off asap.

Thanks so much for your feedback!


kadhy said...

you are very lucky! how wonderful they are!
the leather one is great!

PottyMouthMama said...

I have a bag very similar to the small one in the front, it's one of my favourites, perfect with sun frocks! Unfortunately mine is now looking a little battered!

LOVE the other bag - I really love hand tooled leather - gorgeous, and even more beautiful for its history. SCORE!

teddybearswednesday said...

Both are gorgeous. But I'm perhaps especially partial to that leather one I love the engraving on it, and with the history definetly makes it special.

Brit said...

Beautiful bags, I especially like the engravings in the back one!

dell said...

Thank you for birthday wishes. The same to you fellow capricorn. This leather bag is beautiful. A lucky heirloom.