germany : cologne, munich & bavaria

Germany was our next stop after Belgium. A little unexpectedly it took our breath away. And it was the first place on our trip where it was really, really cold and snowy.

We had a very quick stop through Cologne on our way to Munich via train. Enough time to take in this amazing Gothic cathedral and a Christmas Market.

I've never seen a bike quite like this in Melbourne. Brrrr.

Breathtakingly beautiful views over Munich.

The view...... from here.

I wanted to take this home in my pocket. How cute! The BMW Museum in Munich was quite impressive, even to someone who has no real interest in cars.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on our trip photos. There are only a couple more destinations left!


Veja cecilia said...

lovley photos, that BMW would suite me good, i´m probably bigger than the car!

Lightning Heart said...

ohh look at that castle! amazing!

Kylie said...

Oh how beautiful Evie! We've had Germany on our list for so long but we never seem to get there, it's always out of our way. So lovely to see these gorgeous photos :) K