belgium : brussels & brugges

Brussels had some of the most amazing buildings. While we were there it was Christmas Market time and in the evenings there was a pretty spectacular light and sound show in the main square shown in the first two pics.

I was trying to cheer him up! Not sure it worked though.

Brugges was so beautiful to walk around, even if it's freezing cold. Well, maybe I winged a bit but it was nothing a hot coffee and Belgium chocolates couldn't fix.

This statue was cool, doing it's best lizard impersonation and trying to camouflage in with the tree!


PottyMouthMama said...

Look at all that history. Incredible. I love your travel pics. And I love that you tried to cheer up that sad cow creature. SWEET!

Kylie said...

Love these photos! I recognise them all... Brussels from being there in person (wasn't it divine?!) and Brugges from watching the movie "In Brugges"!! ;) Isn't it funny how images can take a place within you from different sources. Just fabulous Evie :) K

Veja cecilia said...

very nice travel photos, thanks for sharing:)

Lightning Heart said...

ooh wonderful photos!
i'd love so much to go back to europe *sigh*

ohh and thank you so so much for your dontation, it really means a lot to me! *massive big fat hug*

Brit said...

Hey hey I know those places! :) I always wonder why tourists want to come to Belgium... But as I can see in your pictures, the buildings are indeed beautiful! Takes a tourist and a different lens to actually see how beautiful your own country can be! Fun to see!

katiecrackernuts said...

Looks gorgeous. The markets in particular sound glorious.

Completely unrelated, I am asking my op-shopping challenge blog buddies to be involved in a series of op-shopping Q&As.

Would you be keen? The questions are below and I'd like a web-friendly pic of you and your fav op shop finds, or op shop.

There's no real deadline, but by Christmas would be good.

Let me know if you'd be keen. Ta. Ta. Ta.

The questions:
• Where do you op shop?
• Where do you head first when you walk into an op shop? Where then? Is there an op shopping strategy?
• What’s been your best find to date?
• Do you op shop for yourself, or for friends and family as well?
• What would be your ultimate op shop, or vintage, find?
• What item would you never, ever buy second hand?
• Do you have an op shopping secret? A tip, perhaps?
• What would you say is the main reason you op shop? Thrifty? Environmental? Thrill of the chase?

James said...

Lovely photos, Brussels looks amazing. So many beautiful buildings!

Ben Zen said...

Wow, all your photos are amazing and making me want to go back to europe asap! hehe, thanks for sharing :)

angela said...

What an absolutely beautiful place and the most gorgeous photos!! I wish I was there now drinking hot coffee and eating Belgium chocolates!!

Anonymous said...

Antwerp is my favorite place. drinking good coffee at the Bakery 'ons dagelijks brood' in the same street as Episode, one of my favorite stores. :)

at swim-two-birds said...

wow, great photos, seems you're having a nice time!

parisa mahmoudi said...

So Happy to find your blog!It's wonderful!!! :)