pretty details

Have you heard of Kylie's blog 3 Sheets? If you haven't I recommend taking a look, Kylie is one clever lady, sewing, embroidering and collaging up some beautifully detailed work!

I've been following 3 Sheets with much anticipation to see what Kylie's latest experiment or creation will be and as I am a fan of brooches I've been waiting for the day she set up shop, hoping she would sell some of her brooch creations...well, the wait is over. Check out the 3 Sheets store over here!

And if all of this wasn't enough Kylie has a second blog, sissors + paper rock! ... where she shares all things beautiful in paper.

Oh and I'm very excited to be seeing this tonight!


Gina said...

Yes I'm in the Kylie fan-club too, and I have one of her brooches. What a talent.

Perhaps I'll meet you tonight!

M* (Melanie) said...

Yes, I'm a Kylie fan too. She is fantastic. I just love her use of colour and her composition.

I'll be there tonight too. Should be lot's of fun.

Kylie said...

Thank you so much Evie! This is just lovely. (So nice to see such a good crisp photo of Ms Maud too! Must do something about my photography :)
Very envious of your seeing the quilt tonight! have a fabulous time :) K