eco cleaning update

Some of you may be aware of my current Happy Planet Challenge - creating and using more environmentally friendly cleaning products around our home. So far I give two thumbs up to a 50% water, 50% white vinegar mix as a window/glass cleaner!

Our rented apartment has shiny metal light coverings that are impossible to keep fingerprint free as they show up every single one, I would put the previously used window/glass cleaner to good use on these so the fact that the 50/50 concoction is doing the same job, plus did a fine job on some windows is keeping me happy and inspired to continue down this path.

As for the all-purpose cleaner I've made it seems to be working ok but I'm not sure it's as good at this point. I've been told (actually I think I read it somewhere) it's the vinegar that cuts through grease so I think I'll keep trying with the mix to see if it can be improved.

Bicarb pretty much cleans everything! And with water added as a paste you have a cream cleanser. Really what can't it clean? Both ceramic and metal sinks have come up a treat with a bit of bicarb paste.

This weekend if time permits I'll be trying out a floor cleaning concoction! But for the next two days I will be attending
Semi-Permanent. I can't wait. I'm charged and hoping to end both days full of creative inspiration and lots of motivational energy!


Bexy said...

oh great job! I will have to try the 50-50 mix on our mirrors etc now that you've confirmed it's a goer!
Thanks for doing all the hard work and making it easier for the rest of us :)

Brit said...

Great idea... Not only good for the environment but also creative and fun! The labels are cute!

Meg said...

I swear by bicarb too. In fact, for the last 18 months we have been using it in our dishwasher instead of regular powder. Works a treat on the very hottest wash.