happy planet - challenge 5

Ok so I've skipped a Happy Planet Challenge. No crazy excuses. As you know life gets pretty busy from time to time, work, our friends and family need us more at times than others. Sometimes an extra challenge in our lives may not be the best place to focus our energy. I try when I can and I'm always making little efforts towards a happier planet with or without my challenges! Recycle, reuse and reduce where possible.

The last challenge, if you remember was 'No Meat Mondays and Wednesdays'. I did it! Not as hard as I thought. I did almost slip up a couple of times remembering at the last minute. Good timing from Holly over at Vegan and Vintage, she posted these yummy vegan recipes. And I also helped myself through with Becka's yummy hommus I have mentioned before. What I didn't realise before now was how much tuna I eat. A lot! I missed tuna the most on the days with no meat. Although I think it was a bit to do with my mind wanting what it couldn't have! A no meat day once a week is something I will try to keep up. And I'm cutting back on tuna.

For Happy Planet - Challenge 5 I will be creating (and trialing) a Happy Planet Cleaning Kit for around our home. I have found some SUPER information on different products to make over here and here. Currently I buy some eco cleaning products but know I should be stepping up my efforts in this area. If you can make your own products that work, save money and are good for the environment what could be better! I'm looking forward to this (as much as one can look forward to cleaning) and hoping to have lots of success. What have you tried and what works for you? I would love to know.


Gina said...

Dang just lost my comment. THis is great, glad to see you embracing the home-made. You won't go back, it's so easy, cheap and effective.

I use bicarb and vinegar in various combinations for everything. I keep the bicarb in a shaker/canister and the vinegar in a spray bottle (watered down) - or sometimes I use it undiluted from its bottle.

I'm going to check out your links. I still haven't decided on the best way to clean my floor. And it wouldn't hurt to have something nice-smelling like tea-tree in there too. I did add some lavendar oil to my vinegar at one point but it smelled rank!

katiecrackernuts said...

Well done. This is a hard challenge to stick to because the products on supermarket shelves are soooo convenient. I use very little product, but do use Windex and a Spray and Wipe type product (as green as I could get in a plastic bottle) for the stovetop. Nothing has really ever done the job as well. I use a homemade furniture polish that uses linseed oil and the rest is a feather duster, a wet rag and essential oils. Even the floor is just hot soapy water (as in soap, soap) and a pair of rubber gloves and nothing gets it as clean as down on my hands and knees. Good luck with it.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

i use mostly bicarb, white vinegar, lemons for cleaning. We also make our own dish and laundry detergent :)

Bexy said...

Good on you! As much as I would love to make my own products, I am quite simply too lazy and now that the weather is getting fine I want to spend as little time as possible having anything to do with cleaning! I have an apartment full of ecostore brand cleaning things and love them. Look forward to hearing what works for you!!

PS I adore your new profile picture, it's gorgeous! you're so clever :)

Christina Lowry said...

Hi! You won my bloggy giveaway! If you send me your address I will send the goodies. :)

misako mimoko said...

Hey! I didn't know it was you who bought my little ghost necklace :), so happy to know it!!
Your Happy planet-challenge 5 it's really interesant, i hadn't heard about all these homemade cleaning tips.
waiting to read what works for you!
(I think your ghost must arrive one of those days!!)
have a nice day :)

Veja cecilia said...

so nice to try to save the planet in different ways! I´m not so good at that, I try to think about stuff but always forget. so the challange is good, perhaps I will try it?! :)

ShazamBangles said...

Not cleaning at all is by far the best thing for the environment. I'm going to take the challenge of not cleaning around the home for the rest of the year. Wish me luck.

handmade romance said...

shazambangles i know who you are and that deal aint going down in your house!!