new books

Ceramic Artist, Helen Beard

Chandelier Maker, Madeleine Boulesteix

Milliner, Pip Hackett

How neat is this giant potholder rug! I want!

As promised pics of some books I recently purchased. Two Paumes books from Lark. They books arrived in lightning speed - thanks Alison!
Both absolutely gorgeous. I'm particularly loving all the layers and details to the imagery in London Ateliers. Stockholm's Love Apartments, is also beautiful, interestingly most of the spaces shown have a white base with lots bright colour added through homewares etc, which works so well, I think!


becka said...

Oh my goodness, that rug! My jaw dropped! Ok, I really need to get on with making my braided one!

Christina Lowry said...

Gorgeous books! Now I want to be a chandelier maker...

I love the potholder rug, but I would be forever tripping over that loop! I manage to bump into most things on my way past and then get bruises and can't remember how. The loop and I would not be friends! :(

Lyn said...

*heart* paumes
*heart* the magazines
thanks for sharing snippets of gorgeous pictures :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes, love the pot holder rug! what a great idea, but i agree with christina re the trip hazard ... maybe this could be put in the corner!

your blog is full of inspiring things!

Jenny*Ilovemuffins* said...

Oh , I just bought lots of these lovely books in inspiring!like your blog:)


I can't get enough of these books. Love your blog!