words and pictures : rainy day

The perfect way to spend a rainy day for me is snug indoors, making things, listening to good tunes and drinking tea. Bring on the rain, I say!


Hello Sandwich said...

Handmade romance you are so cute! xxx
that sounds like a delightful day! Lets wish for rain and spend the day making craft together and drinking genmaicha!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Danielle said...

sounds PERFECT! what a cute little pic too :)

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

so cute! I am always a little sad when i'm stuck at work on rainy days instead home doing crafty things...

sewfunky said...

hmmm... I love earl grey tea!!

three buttons said...

Rainy days are my favourite! And snug indoor days are also my favourite and come to think of it so an Earl Grey tea and chocolate chip biscuits!!!

It's true I will be speaking at Brown Owls next week, I'm a little nervous!!

It will be great to meet you in person!

Angela xx

Cute pic :)