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I wasn't quite sure whether to use this space to post about the devastation that has hit Victoria over the past few days as it is extremely upsetting, however I've decided I can not post nothing. I am a Victorian. The impact of these fires is so huge and widespread, my heart goes out to everyone effected. I will be doing all that I can. If you can help too, please do, it would be so gratefully appreciated. Every little bit of support helps.

There are lots if amazing people posting very helpful information and offering suggestions on what can be done, there are so many options. Pop on by any of the below links to find out more.



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Annette Piper said...

Our local hall is having a dance this weekend and has decided to donate any profit to the bushfire relief. It won't be a lot (we're only a very small village) but it all helps and these links will help where to send our donation. Thanks.