daylesford 2007

Yesterday while I was busy making Becka's yummy hummus (see below) she was busy playing a game of tag. It goes a little something like this... open the 6th photo in the 6th folder on your computer, blog about it and tag six others. I'm cheating a little and not individually tagging 6 others as I see a lot of you have already played. Please if you haven't feel free to join in and if you want leave a comment to let me know you have posted I would love to see what number 6 is for you!
My 6th pic is from Christmas time 2007. My partner and I were on our way from spending Christmas with our families in northern Victoria back to Melbourne, where we live and spent a couple of nights at this cute little mud brick cottage in Daylesford. It was our first visit to Daylesford. We had a gorgeous time, mostly relaxing. We ate yummy food and did a little second hand shopping, well that was mostly me! I bought the cutest second hand kids book I will post it soon so you can see.

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