list two

illustration by: julie verhoeven, image from here

Following on from my last post this is another list, although this one isn't exactly a wish list...more of a favourites list. A list of some of my favourite illustrators. There are many so, so many, too many to mention here, however, for this post I thought I'd share 5 local (Australian) illustrators and 5 international illustrators. A tough task (to narrow down to 5 each that is)!

So, appearing in no particular order here are some illustrators that after viewing time and time again I never tire of, their styles are always inspiring, always entertaining and always leaving me wanting more!

I hope you enjoy following the links and looking at these talents as much as I do!

Eveline Tarunadjaja,
Justin Lee Williams
Beck Wetzler
Kareena Zerefoz
Catherine Campbell


Kate Wilson
Kime Buzzelli
Tina Berning
Seonna Hong
Julie Verhoeven

Some more just for fun... Yoko Furusho, Stina Persson, Nara Yoshitomo, Mark Ryden, James Jean, Deanne Cheuk, Lilly Piri, Kelly Smith.


Emjie said...

Dear H.M. Romance,

I am a fan of your Pirate Princess doll (as seen in the Softees for Mirabel auction) and am wondering if you make and sell them on commission basis.

I have a baby girl on the way and I think the Pirate Princess doll would be a wonderful addition to the Baby's room.

If you do make/sell these dolls on commission, please send me an email and let me know the selling value. My email address is as follows:

Thank you for your time.
Melissa Gaggiano
(aka Emjie)

Veja cecilia said...

wow, quite a list. So great:) Thanks!

jodi said...

you've got impeccable taste!