pott of gold

My Julia Pott wrapping paper arrived in the mail the other day, I absolutely adore her work so this made my day a whole lot brighter. I don't think I'll actually use the wrapping paper as wrapping paper - well not all of it at least, some shall be framed and then the remainder possibly used on a special present... we'll see!

If you haven't heard of Julia I highly recommend checking out her 'My First Crush' animation it's a very sweet piece... or any of her work for that matter its all worth a look.
Your could also check out this Handmade Portraits interview by etsy if you want to find out a bit more about this talented young lady!


meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

I think you like good stuff.
Yes I do.
Thanks for showing us what you got!
xx pip

jodi said...

oh so cute!