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It's Mother's Day here in Australia this Sunday, to celebrate I've put together a collection of my recent favourite Etsy finds. This is also a mini celebration to my faux mother status. Say what?!! Over the past few months I've been repeatedly mistaken to have children and if I did these are some fun things I'd be happy to see come Sunday.

1. Red Dot Hand Stitched Notebook, 10Antemeridiem  //  2. Red Polka Dot Glasses, Skomoroki  //  3. Textile Bib Necklace, Kjoo  //  4. Try Angles Hand Woven Tapestry, Liz Toohey-Wiese  //  5. Round Collage Mixed Media Earrings, Flock Curiosity Assembly  //  6. Mini Smiling Vase, Casa Abril  //  7. Pyramid Brooch, 10Antemeridiem

Back to the faux mother status. I'm interested to hear if you've been mistaken for a mum when you weren't and how did it make you feel? Truth is, I'd like to be a mum but I'm not so the assumption is frustrating because it hits a nerve. It happens at the grocery store where there's currently a school promotion running. I've been nominated as a mum blogger finalist, which is nice but I had to explain how I didn't fit the criteria! I'm guessing this assumption is mostly made because of my age and sex. Way to go social stereotypes. Otherwise how does someone look like a mum? They come in all shapes, sizes and ages. I never have kids with me nor do I post pictures of children on this blog. I'm a bit confused. If you have any theories please share or if you too thought I was a mum why was that?

To all the real deal mums celebrating Mother's Day this weekend, have an awesome day x


Imogen Eve said...

All so gorgeous, I'm particularly smitten with the smiling vase.

Lanapelana said...

I love your finds Evie, especially the hand woven tapestry!

melania said...

Evie, I've also been confused as a mum before. It's probably not that unusual for me due to my involvement with nephews/niece, as well as a the child care I've done/do. But I also have that nerve. It's quite a bit more sensitive when people are hinting at children or even have the nerve to ask if I'm pregnant.

Awkard about the award nomination but, as you said, nice that you were considered for it!

Love the taspestry, thanks for sharing.

moose and bird said...

I've never understood how anyone can 'look' like a mum. What does a mum 'look' like? People are always quick to make assumptions. It reminds me of the time I was out with my dad and a man sitting next to us asked my dad where he had gotten his mrs from, assuming I was a mail order bride. My poor dad was so confused and taken aback.
I hope your Sunday is a lovely one Evie. Melinda x