a month of... day 14

{ 14th February } pencil

Ooooo love letters. Did you get one yesterday? I didn't. Nope. But I did get the gift of time. Time to have dinner together with my husband. During the week we are rarely home together to eat dinner. Sad I know. But hey that's just the way it is around here. So last night instead of heading out we cooked at home and spent the night in, together. It was ace. It felt like a treat. We cooked a yummy pea and mint pasta dish from The Cook and the Chef with Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant. I love Maggie Beer. Do you? I also love my husband. He's pretty ace too.

The drawing above was part inspired by a cute pic of the adorable Ebony Bizy from issue 45 of Frankie magazine.

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Paravent said...

Gorgeous drawing Evie :) Love your night in story too. I've always been a Nigella girl myself but very happy to discover new cooking inspiration :) Kx