print : weave : make

Weeks ago while admiring the splendorous creations in at Craft Victoria on Flinders Lane here in Melbourne, I spotted the above 'PRINT WEAVE MAKE' brochure. Thrilled when I held one that it still contained it's fresh ink aroma! Does anyone else love that smell? It could be a graphic designer thing. Anyway I digress. How about that type?! 

Quickly scanning the brochure I couldn't find a credit so I bought one home for closer inspection/admiration. It has since come to light that local type genius, Luke Lucas was involved (of course!). To read how it transpired and to view a magnificently detailed version visit Luke's site here. There is also a short interview with Luke regarding the brochure here.

Cover aside, details within reveal a wonderful series of Open Days held over three consecutive Saturdays in November. The first PRINT Open Day has passed however two still remain. This weekend's WEAVE Open Day is at Australian Tapestry Workshop. For further details visit here and here.


Melissa G said...

I love that smell too. One company I used to work for I was in the marketing department so I had a lot of contact with graphic designers. So I used to get my hot little hands on the paper products when they were hot off the presses. Some people get high sniffing glue. For me it is paper ink.

Paravent said...

OMG... Thank you so much for showing this Evie... I love it! How amazing is this work of art? I'd love to see it as a poster actually :) Kx