etsy seven

I don't think its a secret around here how much I like characters and faces. I've been drawn to them somewhat subconsciously for a while and not until recently did I start to realise just how much. Thanks to the likes of Pintrest and Etsy favourites. I wouldn't be surprised if you picked up on this common thread long before I did. Anywho, to celebrate my "bing" of consciousness above are seven recent Etsy gems.

1. I Still Carry You With Me Card, Laura Gee  //  2. Crochet Rabbit, Kimuka  //  3. Little Boy Teapot & Cup, Treehouse Club  //  4. Ooak Art Dolls, Cupboard of Delights  //  5. Alien Superhero, Cookie Cutter Etsy  //  6. Happy Face Necklace, Lanapelana  //  7. Wooden Soldier Toy, I Live Vintage


Melissa G said...

These dolls and illustrations make me feel better.

Cookie Cutter said...

Thank you for sharing my alien superhero plush!

Lanapelana said...

Thank you Evie! I like little faces too! I draw faces everywhere ;)