helen rödel

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A beautiful video on Helen Rödel and her latest collection. Focusing on traditional knitting and crocheting techniques she creates — along with a few skilled artisans — amazing wearable creations. Found via ever inspiring, Ok, Bye.


Kylie said...

Oh my... I love these! Thank you so much, Evie - I have to check these out. I've been wanting to crochet clothes for ages but It's hard coming up with designs that don't look like they're straight from the 70s! ;) These are fresh and gorgeous :) Kx

Lazy Animals said...

so inspiring!! I wish I could crochet all day and speak portuguese! Thank you for sharing!

Bonjour Johanna said...

I got a choc when I saw thos two pictures.. I will write you why, it's really personnal.

Thank you for your birthday wishes! I was so happy to read them, and also for your answer to que question.:)

Bon weekend!

misako mimoko said...

WOW Evie!! this was soo great!! i adore this video, and those clothes... and the woman hands with the big ring and white nails... so inspiring!!
thanks for sharing ;)