my place and yours : through the front door

This weeks theme for My Place and Yours hosted by Meet Me at Mikes is 'Through the Front Door' by Shelley from Femme de Montmarte.

"What is it you see when you enter your home? And how do you feel?"

Every time I enter my home I am greeted by my cat, Millie. She walks around my feet, meowing as she goes, takes a few steps then plonks herself down for a good pat and belly rub and then wonders how long it will be until she is fed!

Coming home is always a nice feeling. For me it's a place of love, laughter and comfort. With endless chores of course but I wouldn't swap it for the world!


teddybearswednesday said...

OH how sweet! What a lovely postQMy cat us is a bit the same, but it rather vocal in greeting me, and she actually tells me off for being out.
thanks for the link, I do of that ladies bears, just hadn't seen her blog. THey are quite incredible ( make mine look rather ameteur) I love that zebra

Bexy said...

Ok seriously - I am like totally in love with Millie, little cutie!

Sara said...

oh bless! sweet photos. this is also what I see when I open my front door - a hungry cat! heaven forbid I put down my bag, take off my shoes or go to the toilet before feeding him!! still love him though, even if he has no manners.

Sara said...

Oh a lovely welcome home! My cat lies in waiting by the back gate much the same.


You inspired me!!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

what a glorious home welcoming!!! how gorgeous; thanks for sharing what happens when you walk through front the door.
by the way, spain is one of my all time favourite places in the world. and barcelona - ahhhhhh! i posted about gaudi a little while back, that bloke was so far ahead of his time it is just not funny, to see the sagrada familia makes my head spin!