super good parcels & places

A little parcel had been waiting for me at the post office last week and I finally got to pick it up yesterday. Knowing it was coming all the way from Spain I'd been anticipating it's arrival for the past couple of weeks. I certainly was not disappointed! This friendly little ghost necklace, lovingly handmade by the very talented Eva Monleón was package ever so sweetly. No part of the packaging was forgotten. Eva's thoughtful attention to detail truly made this purchase a special experience. This little sweetie is most certainly already loved in her new home!

Eva's blog is Misako Mimoko and her etsy store of the same name can be found here.

I hope you've had a fantastic weekend! Here are some super good places I visited online in the past week, I thought you might like them too if you haven't already been.




Kylie said...

What a gorgeous find! Very cute :)
I love handmade charlotte too! Looking forward to exploring the others. Thanks :) K

Angela said...

Oh wow, it does look like a super special parcel... I've been waiting to buy from Eva's etsy store but I think I can wait no more :)

Off to check out your links! Thank you!!

Christina Lowry said...

How super sweet! The packaging looks great.

Oooh, I love Doli Donkey Ears too.

Am off to check out some of your links now. :)

NUISHU said...

wow, love it!!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the shout out and for including my blog amongst this inspired list. xx

misako mimoko said...

Phew! It inally arrived!!
I was a little worried about the shipping, it's taken so long...
I'm so happy you love it!! thank you so much for these pics, and for this lovely post :)
I appreciate it! you've made me feel very happy!!
(P.D. so you have wonderful memories of Barcelona! I live right next to there, your little ghost was born down one of the little hills close to Parc Güell!)

have a great and sweet week!

Erika Olson Gross said...

You are so nice to link to my little blog...thank you! I'm enjoying yours very much.