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custom ginger

It's been a while since I've made a custom Bearded Bloke and I really enjoyed creating this guy. He's for a lucky bride-to-be who's wedding proposal involved brooches. How sweet!

etsy seven

Etsy 7 is here again! This time I'm sharing a selection of items that fall into a primary colour palette. I think they're looking pretty cheery together.

1. Upcycled Knit Chair, Knits For Life
3. Enamel Cookware, Zest Vintage
5. Ceramic Mountain Brooch, Pearson Maron
6. Milwaukee Purse,  Jennifer Ladd

Happy Friday (13th if you are in these parts)! Have a super weekend.


A roaring Etsy Treasury from Keneka. Can you spot the Traveling Circus escapee?!

together at last

The headless cards found their finished heads... wear dashing little bow ties no less! 

NEW Bow Tie Boy brooches, made by me. Available over here.


Such a horrible feeling pulling washing out of the machine and realising that my favourite brooch of-all-time had been through the ringer! Temporarily suffering the lose of a wing and a foot, my Betty Jo lino, owl brooch now carries battle wounds to his left ear too. Nothing however, a sunbake to dry, emergency glue surgery and a bit of love couldn't fix. Phew! 

foxes in bowties

How adorable are these foxy embroidered brooches?! I have a fondness for bowtie wearing gents. Made by Jodie from Whiskers Lane who, you may remember made another rather adorable fox brooch earlier this year.


Here are a couple of treats I picked up at Craft Victoria's, Craft Hatch market on the weekend. Knitted wrist warmers from Reckless Exuberance which have a cute and colourful, fimo button. A speckled Egg Brooch by Hand Drawn House — I couldn't pass this one up it reminded me of my childhood. My brothers and I would often find very similar looking eggs in birds nest in our parents front yard.

The two colour zine featuring all sorts of detailed bird illustrations and other things was from my wonderful husband, this wasn't from Craft Hatch but from Sticky Institute on Degraves Street. This was a, I miss you and thanks for putting up with me working late all week kind-of gift.


New, thrifted and gifted things.

brooch swap II

Hopefully you guessed from my last post that the brooch I made for my Brooch Swap partner was indeed a fabric feather! The feather loosely ties in with my partners blog name and I know that she also likes fabric. The coloured fabric used in this brooch is vintage Japanese fabric which I bought a few years ago and love so I hope she does too. I'm yet to hear the brooch has arrived however I couldn't resist posting one last brooch themed post to end the week. Happy Friday! x

in progress

As mentioned in previous posts as part of the Brooch Swap I too made a brooch. I am not sure my partner has received their brooch yet so until I hear so I thought I'd share some in progress shots.

brooch swap

Congratulations Marta you have very good eyes and managed to spot my new brooch in the post below! It was indeed the little foxy in the dress. She was made with lots of love, care and attention to detail by my very talented Brooch Swap partner — Jodie, from Whiskers Lane. Thank you Jodie. Little foxy is adorable, very much loved and doing well in her new home.


Hello. I'm still here. I've been side-tracked a little with work, sickness and visiting friends. Friends in far away places with strange names like Nangiloc.

This very rough gif is for Eva who wanted to see all of my brooches being worn at once. It was quite a task pinning them all on! I wonder if anyone can spot my newest brooch which wasn't in this post?! (If your name is Jodie no cheating.) 


Its been quite a while since I've posted about my brooch collection. You can see my other two posts about it here and here. I didn't think it'd grown much but thought since I was taking part in this lovely Brooch Swap it was about time I took an updated shot. Plus I was looking for inspiration on what I can make for my swap partner...hmmm.


New Bearded Blokes in the shop this week.

mr wilson

These two Bearded Blokes are a special custom order for two friends who are fans of the San Francisco Giants and in particular player, Brian Wilson. I often get the opportunity to create custom Bearded Bloke brooches for wives, girlfriends and friends of real life bearded blokes! This is my first sportsman — that I know of.

blokes and boys

Above are some recently new Bearded Blokes and Bow Tie Boys listed in my Etsy store. I am also busy working on a couple of commission items. I always feel a bit more pressure or a bit more anxious about the outcome when creating for someone's specific request. I think it could be the fear of disappointment and not meeting their expectation. How about you? Do you find it easier or harder to create for someone else's idea? Have you ever had to deal with a disjointed customer?

set two — in store

As mentioned below a second set of The Travelling Circus brooches are now complete and in the Handmade Romance Etsy store. YAY! It been ages since I've listed anything new in the shop — it's definitely a nice feeling to be able to do so.

circus brooches

One set of The Travelling Circus themed brooches (mentioned two posts below) are now complete. This set is available at Craft Victoria on Flinders Lane, Melbourne where the window display will continue to be up for the next two weeks. If you haven't already had the chance to see it yet, it's not too late.
The Handmade Romance and The Travelling Circus brooch set consist of Ringmaster, Strongman, Psychic, Clown, Bearded Sheila, Tiger, Monkey, Elephant, Bear and Lion.

A second set will be coming to my Etsy store.... soon.