berlin : until we meet again

Hello. This is the last of the images I'm sharing from our trip. Finally! I hear you exhale. Thanks for letting me indulge and keep a record of images here, it's been fun for me to look back. I can't believe the time that has passed, it's almost been three months since we returned to Melbourne. I feel so grateful to be able to share these images with you. I know I'm always inspired by other peoples cities and when I see their photos it makes me so curious about our world. We don't always have the means or opportunity to travel far from home and for me one of the joys of the internet is getting to see and experience parts of the world I may never visit in person. Or perhaps see somewhere interesting to add to our next adventure. Who knows maybe one day we'll return to Berlin. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you like to go? 

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Kylie Hunt said...

It's been so wonderful Evie! Love your photos - you have such a good eye! It does feel like I've been there too. Thanks for sharing them :) Kx