berlin : part IV

Hello! How's your week kicking off? If you're in Melbourne I hope the extreme winds haven't blown you away. It's been crazy windy here and although I'd like to have been blown back to Berlin because it's an amazing city, I'm here in Melbourne which is still a wonderful place to be.

The above photos taken in Volkspark on our recent(ish) trip to Berlin include; Märchenbrunnen (Fairy Tale Fountain), a couple of head balancing characters and a smiling dork who just wants to eat her ice cream sans photos by the husbarazzi! It's easy to see why every patch of grass here quickly becomes occupied on a sunny day, there's a place for everyone. While here I learned that two small hills in the park are made up of rubble from areas of the city that were destroyed during the Second World War. The park was used by Nazi military during WWII which resulted in heavy allied bombing however Fairy Tale Fountain - originally created for the children of Berlin in the early 1900's when childhood disease was pandemic - remained standing and with a little love is still be enjoyed today.