stockholm : part III

With so much to see on Djurg√•rden, one of Stockholm's many islands we were spoiled for choice. Deciding to check out something novel to us we headed to Vasa Museum, a ship museum. Without expectation I was surprisingly blown away at how much I enjoyed our 3hrs+ checking out an old ship called, Vasa. I could've sworn I saw Captain Jack Sparrow on the second floor. Really! It was so surreal to imagine this incredible beauty was once a live reality and not a fantastical movie set. My imagination was completely swept away with the dark wooden decks. 

Built in the 17th century for King Gustav II Adolf to fight in the war against Poland, Vasa was adorned with hundreds of beautifully detailed wooden sculptures, a display of pride and power. The top two photos show replicas of how the sculptures on the front may have looked in full colour. Sadly sinking on her maiden voyage in 1628, only a little over 1,000 meters from shore the Vasa didn't sail in full glory for long. Failed attempts to raise her followed before she was left to rest at the bottom of Stockholm's harbor for 333 years. Microscopic traces of paint were found on the wood and incredible almost all of the ship and it's sculptures are intact today.

If you'd like to read more about this fascinating ship and her story head to the Vasa Museum website here, or better yet visit should you ever find yourself in Stockholm. More treats from Stockholm to come!

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Kylie Hunt said...

Oh how breathtaking! That must have been amazing :) Kx