next stop : stockholm


After Amsterdam we headed to Stockholm (you may have guessed from my previous post). I didn't realise until we were in Stockholm that it was made up of 14 islands. I knew there were a few but not 14! We stayed on Södermalm which had wonderful independent stores and cafes. We walked heaps around Södermalm, through Gamla Stan (The Old Town) and where ever else we were headed each day. Visiting five of the 14 islands in total.

I'm beginning to wish I'd kept a travel journal this trip, my memory is getting shady. Luckily we have photos, huh! So today I thought I'd share some with you that show Stockholm's beautiful ocher buildings and glorious blue summer skies.

Apparently (according to my Google research) the ocher building colour originated in the 1700's and become wide-spread after being promoted by popular architects of the time and remained so until the 1920's.

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Kylie Hunt said...

Just gorgeous! I'm surprised at the ochre buildings - I would have guessed they belonged somewhere in the mediterranean ;) Nice pics Evie. Kx