berlin : part I

Thanks for hanging in there. I can't believe how slow I've been getting these photos up to show you. Our next and final stop was Berlin. It was our second time visiting this amazing city. We were lucky enough to have spent a couple of days here three years ago and fell in love so when the opportunity came to go again we couldn't resist. Last time a light winters snow cover the ground, this time the perfect summer sun filtered through lush tree tops. Happy people walked cobblestone paths and lazed in parks long into the evenings. The photos above are around Boxhagner Platz in Friedrichshain near where we stayed. This is my husbands favourite area, it's constantly lively and filled with the most wonderful mix of people young and old. Bars and restaurants surrounding the platz and on weekends a farmer's market Saturday and flea market Sunday. What's not to like.

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Kylie Hunt said...

So lovely :) It's like being back there again. Thanks Evie. Kx