cannes : primitive art

Following a cobblestone path one sunny morning I made my way to the top of La Suquet hill where Musée de la Castre one of Cannes' rare Middle Ages relics waits. Commissioned by the monks of Lérins in the 11th century this monastery building could easily be mistaken for a medieval castle. Today however the walls house an intimate collection of primitive art which was mostly donated by a Dutch aristocrat. The view from the museum grounds is worth the hike and if you enjoy handicrafts, pottery or characters you'll like the inside view too. There's also a really interesting collection of musical instruments through the ages from all around the world occupying the old chapel. My French sucks so I couldn't read the notes related to the items above but I do remember the eskimo toy in image two and the puppet in the final image was from Indonesia.

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Sandra Eterovic said...

Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring images, Evie. I especially love the second one -- all sorts of odd and wonderful mobiles spring to mind....
Great that you actually had the opportunity to take photos.
I hope you are feeling refreshed and rested. :-)
Might see you on Saturday??!!!!!!!