niel gaiman : advice for a creative life

After finding the short film on Marcus Oakley that I shared with you on Tuesday I came across a post on Brain Pickings about Niel Gaiman's advice on living the creative life. This advice was from his speech to the 2012 graduating class at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Niel has eight key pieces of advice and the third covers fear. After mentioning a little about fear in my last post I thought I'd share Niel's tip with you here;


Embrace your fear of failure. Make peace with the impostor syndrome that comes with success. Don’t be afraid of being wrong.


If you are interested in reading or watching more on Niel Gaiman I highly recommend heading here. Niel's speech has also recently been made into a book titled, Make Good Art, (pictured above) which was designed by book designer extraordinaire, Chip Kidd.

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Jodi Wiley said...

Thanks for this link. I watched the speech. It was a good find! Yes, the idea of 'the imposter syndrome' struck me too. I also like the advice 'enjoy it'. I too often worry about what I'm doing next or what I'm doing wrong instead of enjoying what I've accomplished so far...and enjoying the process!