kim jaeger : potheads

I'm a long way from home at the moment and missing my cat and Instagram... should I admit that? Sad maybe, but both true. Inevitably I've looked through my phone photos to get my cat fix, in doing so I came across this image of one of Kim Jaeger's Potheads from my last visit to Craft. I think hes adorable and so are his mates on display in the Craft window until the end of this month. Say hi if you can they truly are charming.

Want more? A few months back Historia Films made a video with the equally charming Kim chatting about her work. Watch it here if you want.


teddybearswednesday said...

Oh it's wonderful!! DOn't worry when Im away I get home sick and miss my shopping centre within days.
Plus I miss yoU!

Kylie Hunt said...

I love it too :) Thanks for letting us know about this fabulous work. Hope you're having fun where you are. I get homesick too when I'm away from my loves. I try to tell myself that they'll still be there when I return and that I should make the most of today :) Kx