keep your tights on right with this helpful tip

The weather has cooled down heaps here in Melbourne this week and the mornings are super dark. Let's face it getting out of bed is a bit of a struggle. If you're anything like me you end up rushing and in that rush get frustrated putting on your tights because you can't figure out the front from the back. Sound familiar? After a few washes and wears the feet of your tights become worn on both sides and look ugly! Not ideal for wearing with your favourite clogs or open shoes.

TIP: Mark new tights before you wear them with a couple of stitches in coloured cotton inside the back waist seam. If you don't have a needle and thread handy nail polish could work just as well.

This simple solution has saved me frustration, time and probably a couple of pairs of new tights so I thought it was worth sharing.


jen storer said...

OMG This is pure genius. I can't tell you how helpful this hint is. I am a Great Wearer of Tights and i get very frustrated with the which way, what way scenario. Why didn't i think of this? Der. Thank you!

Pippa said...

Where were you this morning? Such a crisis of tight proportions!
...but now I have your tip, so thanks! x

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

Inspired idea :)))