finding inspiration

Sometimes when looking through our bookshelves a book will beckon to be reached for, as if it knows there's something amongst it's pages that I must see. Does this happen to you? Recently a book on Camilla Engman, published a few years ago by Uppercase for The Suitcase Series, did just that. It turned out to be the perfect dose of gentle encouragement and inspiration I needed. This book is a visual feast and although light on words, the writing is personal allowing this intimate peak into Camilla's world to feel as if it were only for you. 

As I read the words in the second image above they resonated with me, I found them reassuring and in that moment some of the overwhelm I had washed away.

"Swoosh — another week has passed! How could I ever do all the things I want to when time is so much quicker than I am?"

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. And remember to be kind, especially to yourself.



moose and bird said...

You be kind to yourself too Evie. Have a lovely week x

Melissa Gaggiano said...

I like the cover design for this book. Earthy and natural.