untitled mccausland

Saturday morning I headed in to the city to attended a wonderful visual merchandising talk by Emma Davis. The talk was upstairs from the Craft Hatch market, perfect for strolling through afterwards and reflecting on all the inspiration swirling around in my head. There were lots of very tempting items at the market and one stand in particular offering mini porcelain mushrooms and boobs (yep, you read that right... boobs) caught my eye. All pricing and information was beautifully hand drawn onto masking tape, so simple, yet perfect for a craft market don't you think? The same beautiful style of hand drawn information was carefully added to the brown paper wrapping (above) that my purchase left in! I believe the clever hands behind this creativeness goes by the name of, Untitled McCausland and can be found online here, here and here.


Kylie Hunt said...

It's very effective - looks fabulous! Sounds like a great day Evie. Kx

Jesm said...

:D gosh! thanks for this, so lovely! from untitledmccausland :)