from head to hand

Ok so this looks a little strange but it's not meant to have any aesthetic value. The fabric and thread used are all scraps and off-cuts and weren't considered. This odd, soft sculpture is the result of finally getting an idea out of my head and into the physical world. It feels good to get it out. I really enjoy experimenting and 'playing' when creating new ideas. Now I'm looking forward to getting started on the real sculpture. I'll try and remember to take photos so I can keep you posted as I progress. More images prior to these are over on Instagram.

What about you, do you enjoy experimenting and the process or are you more about getting an instant outcome? 


Hannah Bird said...

that looks reall interesting,looking forward to seeing the final piece!

Kylie Hunt said...

It looks amazing Evie - I love it! Really interesting and I love the black stitchery on the calico :) Experimenting is the funest of the fun I think :) Kx

Luna Landing said...

Wow - i'm quite intrigued. Less craft, more art....keep going!