on the wall

A couple of posts ago I mentioned I was cleaning our spare room to make for a more efficient studio space. Things are now more organised which makes me super happy (I'm such a nerd) but I'm yet to get in there and reach crafty havoc. Soon!  

I still really want to reposition these frames but I'm hesitant to pull them down in case of damage. We rent and aren't supposed to put anything on our walls so these frames were hung with 3M tape. 3M tape isn't supposed to damage the surface but I've had bad luck in the past. Given this task is not on my priority list of things-to-do they will be staying put a little longer. Ahh... to one day have walls we can make our own. 

 Happy weekend! x 

 Sorry for the small type, Blogger is sending me nutty, I can't figure out how to fix it.

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jenni said...

it looks gorgeous evie :) Happy weekend to you too x