upcoming group show

Needle Work / Needle Play is a group show on contemporary embroidery mastermind by the wonderful Carly Altree-Williams. Featuring work from Carly, myself and; Cat-Rabbit, Emma Greenwood, MaricorMaricar, Al Munro, Gemma Pobjoy, Demelza Sherwood and Haeli Van Veen.

It is still a couple of months away, however I wanted to share it with you now as there are going to be interviews with each artist posted over on the Needle Work / Needle Play blog in the lead up.

First artist off the mark is the talented shoemaker Emma Greenwood. Followed by me!

And the incredible, embroidered show title you see above is by MaricorMaricar.

Show details are; 
Brunswick Street Gallery
322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Opening 10th August at 6pm
Running from 10th — 23rd August 2012
Hours: Tuesday — Sunday 10am to 10pm

You're all invited!



Kylie said...

What a beautiful piece! Even the title is exquisite :) Very much looking forward to this... will tell my big girl too who is in absolute girl-crush love with Cat-Rabbit :) Congratulations Evie. Lovely to see how appreciated you are. Kx

teddybearswednesday said...

I'm so excited to see this show, so many amazing artisans including yourself. I love the piece on you too and could relate to alot of what you said about your crafting (not so surprising though eh?)