jesse bp olsen

While waiting for a friend in the city last Friday I spotted this wonderful black line illustration on a shop window in Flinders Lane, it's detail drew me in. I followed the length of the line work along window then stood back to take it all in. My picture does it no justice, I only had my phone with me and this is such a tiny part of the whole illustration but I had to share it's existence. Signed, Hand drawn by Jesse BP Olsen, I couldn't help Google this name later during the week. Often I feel a little sorrow knowing the short life a piece like this after all the hard work thats' gone in and at the same time it's fleeting moment adds excitement. That said, it was a delight to discover Jesse is a tattoo artist... of the permanent variety! For more check out his ink here.


Helena @ POP POP PORTRAITS said...

I miss the streets of Melbourne so much, so much talent to stumble upon.

iPad reparation said...

This Jesse has a great style :)


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Sandra Eterovic said...

Indeed, such great talent to stumble upon in our fair city! I had a look at Jesse's work -- such beautiful line and attention to detail that it makes getting a tattoo tempting!!!
Thanks for sharing Evie.
By the way, I agree re that fig ice cream....and thanks for reminding about The Orbweavers! Beautiful stuff. :)