design depot

Last Thursday was my Think it! Draw it! Stitch it! workshop at Harvest as part of Design Depot. I can happily say, I survived and had a wonderful day with everyone who attended. Lots of amazing little creatures were made — zombies, owls, crazed rabbits, bandit bunnies, penguins, baseballs to name a few. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of them all, I just didn't have the chance. Maybe keep an eye on the Harvest blog for extra snaps, thanks to Jess. Actually I'd like to send a big thanks to Jess, from Harvest, for all of your help on the day. You're awesome! Hopefully amongst the chaos some imaginations were sparked and hand stitching skills learned. I know the day taught me a thing or two and for me, to keep learning equals a good thing.

Happy Easter Sunday folks! 

I hope you are enjoying some relaxing, hot cross bun eating times with family and friends.



Melissa G said...

The dolls are cute. One of the things that I miss about childhood is the pleasure in creating something and not worrying about the inperfections. I need to be more like that with my art and craft.

mandarinux said...

The puppets are sooooo cute!
Our favourite is the bandit bunnie


Happy weekend

Sandra Eterovic said...

Oh wow! Wish I had been there too! Glad you enjoyed yourself and got something out of it -- I think that being able to teach is a very admirable quality!!

Thank you soooo much for your Etsy comment Mrs Evie. It was so nice to see your lovely familiar face in that daunting -- but delightful! -- crowd. :)

Luna Landing said...

What awesome results! I absolutely LOVE what kids come up with. No adult can replicate the innocence that finds it's way into their handiwork. Guaranteed to make me smile. Thanks for sharing!