toytown tales

Friday night I got to see the beautiful work of both Martin Harris and Jess McCaughey in their collaborative exhibition, Toytown Tales. Martin paints the most beautifully coloured and meticulously detailed, surreal toy lands. You have to look at them up-close to witness all of the teeny tiny brush strokes — they blow me away.  These two critter loving creatives seemed well matched as Jess bought Martin's characters into the 3D realm and visa-versa, Martin transported Jess's 3D characters into magical 2D fantasy lands. 

I am lucky enough to call Jess a friend, she is one super clever, sensitive, caring, creative sole and I couldn't have been more proud and happy for her when viewing this work. It was so nice to finally meet all the characters I had been hearing about. And there may have been one that I just couldn't resist!

The exhibition is on until 1st March at Outré Gallery (Melbourne). If you are in town check it out, there is a whole lot-a cute to be seen!


jenni said...

Looks fantastic, I love the fez wearing elephant :)

Luna Landing said...

Love the sound of all of that. So wishing I could pop into Outre gallery some time soon....thanks for the pics though, they will just have to do :)

teddybearswednesday said...

YOU ARE THE MOST GORGEOUS! giving my show a big old plug. And yes martin's tiny detail brush work is amazing, they are just something else in the real.
thank you for your kind words about me too, i'm lucky to call you a friend too xo
PS Looking forward to our date!