happy friday

I've been tagged for a Sunshine Award from a lovely blogger friend — Kristin from KLT : Works. Kristin is super skilled at, 'Thread Drawing' and has a wonderful family of super, awesome fancy dressers! Rad huh?!
In receiving this award I need to answer some questions and then pass the award on to five more bloggers who deserve rays of sunshine too.

And, because this is a Sunshine Award I thought I'd interlace my Q&A's with some of my favourite cheery and colourful images from the week that have also brightened my days.

The most cheery, Australian backyard wedding. The best. Image from here, by Eric Ronald.

Favorite color : Green. But I'm not overly loyal. These images cheer me up for reason. I love colour. All colour!
Facebook or Twitter : Facebook. To be honest I haven't dedicated any time to understand Twitter. Is that bad? What am I missing folks?

 Drawing on the pavement with Rummey Bears. Image from here.
Favourite number : 13. I see 13 as the underdog for being labeled unlucky, so I'm cheering it on by picking it as my fav!

Favorite animal : Gecko! I can't go past those cute suction feet. Surprised? I bet you thought I'd say cat. I favour cats too - they are such good snugglers. And I like snugglers.

A trio of hand-knitted socks by Jen from Grainline Studio.
Favorite non-alcoholic drink : Flat white.

Favorite day of the week : Rainy Sunday's for sleep-ins and crafting.

ALL Knitwear's colourful studio. Love that rug!

My Passion : Making stuff and gathering knowledge on how-to make stuff!
Getting or giving presents : Giving. Wrapping presents is so much fun. Getting them ain't so bad either, let's be honest.

Third Drawer Down via The Craft Blog's interview with Abi Crompton.

Favorite pattern: Hand-drawn.
Favorite flower : Hydrangeas and peonies. A big mixed, colourful bunch of any kind of flowers would make me pretty happy too!

 Pretty notebooks by Vert Cerise on Etsy. 

The five bloggers I am passing the Sunshine Award on to are;

Pencils and Pins 
13 Mimosa 
Luna Landing
Ma Bicyclette


teddybearswednesday said...

I am surprised by the Gecko Evie, but I love surprises like that! Also 13, i love the reason it's your favourite.
Rainy Sunday mornings are my favourite too.
love finding some new bits about you xo

Lightning Heart said...

lovely post, all of these images have brightened me up also! i especially want all of the notebooks haha

Ma Bicyclette said...

This is so sweet! Thankyou for thinking of us! :D


KLT said...

I loved learning more about you & you photos are gorgeous. Glad to have spread some sunshine your way. :) I'm now going to check out your links...