for him

In preparation for Valentine's Day next Tuesday I thought I'd share some Etsy finds for him! To be honest Valentine's Day is not such a big day around here. Hell, we celebrate the love everyday! But lets face it, even if you're a hater, it's a good thing to be reminded about those who have warmed our hearts at least on day of the year. So instead of my usual Etsy seven, this collection of finds includes ten — a little bit of extra love.

1. IPad Case, TM1985 2. Desert Boots, Goodbye Folk 3. Pipe Plate - Set of 3, A Needle in the Hay 4. Mug Shot Journal, Larken 5. Wooden Earphone Organiser, Acoustic Design 6. Leather Cable Band, Miller Goods 7. Jacquard Sweater, Andy Vi Erin 8. Wallet, TM1985 9. Spray Painted Notebooks, Amy Diane Granger 10. Vintage Viking Bar Set, Modfolk Vintage


ShazamBangles said...

Viking dude please.

modfolk vintage said...

EVIE! Thanks so much for including our Viking guy in your guide. Although, technically, he's YOUR Viking guy now. Glad to "meet" you, and stay in touch! I shared your link here: