childhood treasures - part VII

I'm still delving into my childhood here, in my parents shed. Well, not literally just in photos from my visit over the Christmas break. 

Above are a whole lot of tiny, hand made knitted and sewn Barbie clothes that my mum made. I don't know how she had the patience for such small items but how adorable are those knitted jumpers in the top image? 

Below are the survivors, well actually I don't think I owned any other Barbie dolls other than these four. Dee Dee was my favourite (far right). Her hair! And her leggings. I don't think she'd look too out of place today, don't you think?! Dee Dee was from Barbie and the Rockers and Barbie came with a cassette (found this snippet on YouTube) which I remember singing along to with my best friends in my bedroom. We are definitely talking about the mid 80's here!!

Love this little box of ear-rings, stilettos and microphones!

Where you a Barbie girl? Or Ken? Or both? Or not at all? Perhaps Jem and the Holograms?


ShazamBangles said...

I was never a Barbie girl.

jenni said...

Wow Evie, those handmade outfits are pure gold!
something to treasure :)
Yes barbie & blythe!

ena and albert said...

I would love to go through all of my childhood belongings! I think mine are all wedged under mum and dad's house. One day! Thanks for sharing these!

SARA said...

Oh the rockstars barbie! I dreamed of her for a long time and then I finally got her for my birthday. Still have her in the attic with that same silver top and white skirt as yours :^)

Andrea said...

"We're barbie, and the rockers!". Love it Evie. I had Barbie and Dee Dee too (I was a little spoilt and even had the stage, and the red haird rocker too!).

My Dee Dee became Grace Jones and Barbie Roxette though (none of my Barbies have hair anymore)! My niece found them and was really disturbed, couldn't understand why I'd done it hehe.

Those jumpers are amazing! They would have been for when Barbie was going on a ski holiday (mine did that often) with cardboard skis. Clever mum :)

Flotsam Friends said...

Am loving all these posts. Especially this one!! What a great collection. I did the same last year!! Your collection is cooler though!!

dear olive said...

I was not allowed barbies, or dolls, of any kind. But when my sister came along 5 years later, all those rules about a non genderised upbringing went out the window and I played with her barbies for what was most likely WAY past the appropriate age. We used to rock out to the barbie and the rockers cassette tape too. I cannot BELIEVE your Mum knitted those barbie jumpers. What a legend! Kellie xx

Sandra Eterovic said...

That pile of adorable sweaters took my mind back to a certain purple box at my mother's house....Though my collection consists of leggings made by me out of old socks and kitsch crochet sweaters. I agree, I can't believe that your mother had the patience to knit all of those beautiful little things. Love in every stitch, I'm sure. And now you have the patience to knit tiny beautiful little beards.