hello 2012

Woohoo my first post for the year! How are you all? Relaxed, happy and enjoying the possibilities of a fresh start — a new year? I am. And I'm still in holiday mode so bare with me as I warm up to reality again. I thought I'd start by sharing some phone photos from over the past couple of weeks... proof I have not been in complete hibernation, well kinda. There were a few scorching hot days around Christmas and new years where we pretty much did hibernate for fear of melting in the heat!

A new year calls for a new calendar. The top left-hand photo is of the 2012 Frankie magazine calendar — a first year (paper) anniversary gift from hubby back in November! The wooden Christmas decorations were purchased while on our honeymoon, in Prague, 2010.

What are holidays without yummy food?! The hubby was gifted a Cheese Making Kit and a BBQ for Christmas. Both have been put to the test and score pretty highly, I reckon.

More yummy home made foods. Pavalova. Blueberries and muesli. Chocolate Ripple Cake. Zucchini Bread — recipe from here — made with the zucchini's from granddad's garden.

Time in the studio, planning, trying my best to keep the plants alive and sewing. For the first time in what feels like years I have sewn clothes for myself. Perhaps more on that in another post.

Kitty cat cuddle times. Unrushed — a holiday pleasure.

And... I turned another year older. Argh!! Just kidding, its not all bad being as old as me hehe. With every year in my 30's that passes I feel more positive in my own skin and this is such an awesome feeling. For so long I have felt awkward and shy, that's not to say these feeling are completely gone but I feel more understanding and in control of my thoughts/feelings. I have learned and grown so much as a person in the past year. I'm looking forward to the year ahead.

Are you still on holidays? If so what are you up to? Or are you back at work? If so what do you do?


ShazamBangles said...

Cool pics! I'm not on holidays anymore. I'm back at work. Gotta pay dem bills.

Lanapelana said...

Hello Evie!!

Happy 2012! I hope the new year brings you happiness and good projects!

Annika said...

Happy New Year! I like the little re-vamp that you've given your blog. And I like the picture of the pavlova. It looks so pretty and delicious!

Andrea said...

Hi Evie,

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a lovely rejuvenating break with lots of yummy treats. I had much the same but not for long enough. I took a week to ten days after the Christmas madness but have been back making away for Stämpel.

I too had quite an affirming year in 2011 on so many levels and am glad someone else is feeling they are in a great place to start the new year (not always the case!). But my goodness, we're already half way through the first month.

Love you puppets. LOVE.

Andrea x

Martta said...

HBD! Glad to hear it gets better every year. My wise old friend once told me that it gets easier with living and breathing and such once you are done with your twenties. Especially, the awkward and shy part. Still few years to go for me. Can't wait!