whatcha doin?

Wowsers its actually December!
Snippets of the week that lead me here;

Learning that I like it better when I do my taxes earlier rather than later
Reading about phobias and anxieties — something which has played a big part in my life this year
Making or rather finishing my version of Morris, which I will show you soon
Watching The First Grader 
to Seeker, Lover, Keeper
while driving to work
Eating Green Lentil Soup — another yummy recipe from this great book
Drinking a whole lotta water — straight from the tap, no schmancy designer water here
Wishing I could have magically formed a bridge over an instant river (caused by torrential rain over the weekend) to help the elderly man carrying his freshly baked bread, get to the other side!


Johanna Tagada said...

I would like to see The First Grader as well!

I wish you a nice friday.


Ps: did my package already arrived?

Luna said...

So agree about the taxes!
Nice idea for a post. I'm not reading anything at the moment. Just study study study deadlines (plus extensions :) ) Have a great december X.