whatcha doin?

Another week down! They are still flying by. 
Here is a little list of the week that was, in my world. How are you trekking along?

Learning to meditate more — its good for the soul
Reading Scoutie Girl's post, 'Do Less, Better' — her motto for 2012, which I think I may borrow
Making more Soda Rye Bread x 2 ...its addictive, simple and yum! Here is a similar recipe by the same cook.
Watching Get Low and Writers Bench 
Kick by INXS
Eating other than bread, a yummy homemade veggie frittata
Drinking Kopparberg, pear cider — its not too sweet like some ciders  
Wishing everyone happy days and nights! 

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moose and bird said...

Wishing you a very happy week lovely Evie x