puppets part VI

I'm a couple of weeks behind showing you about the puppetry course I'm doing so I'm posting two puppet posts back to back. Bear with me if puppets aren't your thing. I get that. This is certainly not something the majority have an interest in. For me though, sadly, the course is nearly over. So before things wind up in the next week here is a peek at some of the puppets my class mates are making.

Andrew and his very animated purple gorilla (and self). Quite a pair don't you think?! Followed by some purple sock silliness.

Another smashing monkey puppet, in blue. This character has a very charming mustache and goatee — a bit  hard to see in these pics. And the rather human-like monkey in the bottom pic is our puppet master Gary.

Lastly a pretty-in-pink, fairy princess being operated on by Gary. Oh and who's eyes in the bottom right might they be...?


Lanapelana said...

I love your puppets posts!! The master seem so funny! And.. the puppet in last picture it's yours?! ;)

Melissa G said...

Hey! Never knock a good puppet, even if they mock you. Hee-hee.
It's good to get into something different. Besides you gotta do your own thing - that's what makes you and your blog so unique. Maybe you'll start a puppet/blog revolution.

teddybearswednesday said...

I also love your puppet post! and how fabulous are these puppets. I dont even like purple or monkey but I love that gorilla especially xo

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

I can't believe you are making a puppet! I can't wait to see yours. xx

dropstitch said...

This looks like the most fun class ever! All the puppets are looking amazing. Can't wait to see yours :)