puppets part III

Week three of the puppetry course and our puppets are starting to take shape. Although things are looking very, very naked. Next for some skin and other bits. I think I'm going to like this stage the most.

Also in my first week pictures I was holding my test eyes incorrectly on my hand — they were too far back, past the nuckle. I thought I'd take updated pictures showing the correct way in case anyone was interested. The two images above on the left show the correct way. The idea is that you keep the top part of your hand as still as possible and move your thumb up and down for lip synching. This creates a more accurate looking jaw movement.

Happy Friday! I'm happy to say this week has been a big improvement on the last couple. No new injuries and the like. YAY! I hope yours has been a super one too.


iphone reparation said...

Looks really cool :)



Danielle said...

OMG there is a puppet face forming!! looks awesome. GO Evie! xo