Happy 75th birthday Jim Henson!

How could I not, in the midst of doing a puppet course myself, wish this masterful puppeteer a happy birthday today?! Henson is and will continue to be a creative inspiration to so many including myself. The video above looks at the inspiration and making of the Google Doodle that is up today and tomorrow to honour Henson. Check it out. Head over to Google and play!

There is also an endearing letter from his son Brian on the Google blog describing him as, 'one of those rare parents who was always ready to play again'.  

And while I am feeling a little sorry for myself after wondrously tripping in a ditch yesterday and badly spraining my ankle I hope you are all having a fun weekend filled with lots and lots of play. I would love to hear what mischief you are getting up to.


Carly said...

Hi Evie,

Hope your ankle is okay. I saw this was happening the other day - a tribute exhibition for jim henson with some great people including cat rabbit, maricormaricar and Isobel knowles - pity its not on in australia!


looking forward to seeing what you have made from your puppet class.

melania said...

Oh I love what Jim Henson's son said! Such a beautiful thing. This weekend we took two of our favourite boys out on a canoe ride on a little brown side creek to the Brisane river. We talked about pirates, sung songs and imagined animals in the amazon.

Hope you have a speedy recovery with that ankle!

misako mimoko said...

I played with the Google Doodle too! the Doodle wasn't so beautiful as his creations are, but it was nice to find it.
Did you now about this film http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dlNZo10pCts ?
It seems to be so gorgeous and touching!!

have a nice week Evie!!