creative places

Jealous much? Tin & Ed's fabulous Melbourne views.

 Or perhaps the view of the Tate Modern at the Wallpaper office will do?

Smart use of vertical space by Opening Ceremony. Must remember this if we live in a little(r) place.

A visit to Confetti System would be a dream come true.

 Don't wake me just yet. I'm still dreaming at Sneaker Freaker.

Baas & Den Herder's farm is sweet. Those beams are calling from a giant indoor swing. 

Julie Verhoeven has won more of my heart with her floor creating ways.

Ok so perhaps my last post was a little idealised. After all where would a crafty girl keep her crafty stash? As one wise commenter also made note of the whereabouts of a beloved book collection. Which got me thinking about mine and if I could part with it. Maybe not. And then last night someone who knows me far too well surprised me with the above book. And I never even mentioned out loud how much I would like to take a peek at this book. Surprised much?! 


This was said husband whom I mentioned below that I needed to convince. He kindly reminded me how I find our two bedroom apartment too small at times and perhaps it wasn't him that needed convincing.


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Kylie said...

Oh I love it! What a fabulous book. I have one of those editions Paumes "Ateliers" books and I just love leafing through looking at creative workspaces. Is it our modern day doll's house? We play pretend in our minds now :) Have a good week Evie. Kx