vintage tractors

A couple of weekends ago my dad and his mates went on a vintage tractor ride. There were twelve tractors in total all pre dating 1975. 

These pictures make me miss this part of the country a little. Life seems slower here. The earth is a lovely rusty shade of red. The local pub is nicknamed 'church'. The land is flat and you can see for miles. Before rain the air smells amazing and the stars in the nights sky shine ever so brightly.


Lightning Heart said...

i've been wanting to move to the country more and more and morrrre, it's so much more simple and lovely.
haha and my grandpa would be all over those tractors like a hot rash

amanda jane said...

oh wow...this looks amazing!

one yellow jumpsuit. said...

Oh Evie, you are so awesome.
My Dad passed away four years ago and he used to take us for rides on tractors just like these. Your Dad seems amazing.
I love it when Dad's do fun things like this. Thank you for sharing. xxxx

quinipota said...

It looks amazing! Wich part of Australia is that? I lived in that awsome country for a while and I miss it a lot!


Las Teje y Maneje

misako mimoko said...

gorgeous Evie!!! that's fun and i love those vintage tractors (it's the same word in spanish, maybe it was a trademark...)

tea with lucy said...

i assume this is in victoria? ... but the pictures and words remind me so much of where i grew up in the wheatbelt of western australia. this is real "country"!