half baked

Half done little faces, on their way to becoming Bearded Blokes.


Christina said...

Loving your production line here! Looks like you have been very busy. :)

lauren carney said...

these are going to be awesome. i just know it!

Bonjour Johanna said...

I always like to see pictures of your work in progress. This looks lovely with all the different little patterns.

I wish you a nice weekend, or what is still left of it! (Berlin is so so cold...)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Evie,
I haven't visited for a while and I think I want to comment on every post!! Your work looks just as beautiful in progress as it does finished -- I love how these little faces look with the fabric squares next to them. An artwork in itself.
I used to collect vintage scarves. Do you? I imagined a photo of you with all of these scarves on at once. like the one with your brooches! ;) Pretty!